What is the most popular skateboard brand

What is the most popular skateboard brand?

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If you’re looking for the most popular skateboard brand for young riders, then Rimable is definitely the best choice.

However, if you want a renowned brand for older riders like teenagers or adults, then Minority or Volador is your best bet.

The #1 reason why these brands are popular is that they make great skateboards. Plus, their prices are cheap for the value they offer.

What you’ll love about these brands is that people will instantly recognize a Minority or Volador board when you’re riding it. You’ll look super cool thanks to the graphics as well.

Is that everything these brands have? Nope, there’s more. Let’s find out!

Most popular For Young Riders – Rimable

The most popular range of wheel’s durometer is within 75a-90a
The most popular range of wheel’s durometer is within 75a-90a


Rimable complete skateboards are a popular choice for kids who just learn how to skate. They are specialized in making penny boards.

Their boards are around 22 inches long. They are made out of durable plastic. You won’t find any sandpaper grip tape on the deck. They use a clear spray-on coating, which is nice.

Why do parents love this brand?

Simply, because they offer high-quality skateboards at a very affordable price.

Their complete skateboards are about $30. Rimable’s competitor, Penny Australia, has their penny boards priced at around $50 and sometimes over $100.

The low price makes it much easier for many people to get a nice board for their kids.

But why do kids love Rimable boards?

Because they have fun playing with it! Plus, the kids will look cool and professional riding the boards.

Is it good for beginners?

Rimable boards are also super easy to ride. Beginners can learn to balance and cruise nicely on the board.

You’ll find some very high specs on Rimable boards. For example, the bearings are ABEC 7 rated. These are fast and very durable.

The wheels are also a good complement made out of PU. Their trucks are aluminum and can support up to 198 lbs.

We definitely recommend checking this brand out if you’re interested.

Most Popular For Longboard Riders – Volador

the best longboard bearings
the best longboard bearings


Volador is an awesome brand. They are certainly one of the bosses when it comes to longboards.

Part of the reason why Volador is popular among many riders, from beginners to pros, is that their boards offer a lot of value at a sweet price.

You’ll find some great models like the freeride longboard or dancing longboard that are about $40 or $60. If you look at Arbor, my friends, their longboards are all over $100. That’s quite sour!

That’s why Volador has become the first love of many beginners. When they ride it over the years, they become loyal customers to the brand.

Types of boards

Volador has a little bit for everyone. If you like bombing hills, you can find the downhill longboard.

If you just want a basic cruiser, there’s one for you.

They also have their special dancing longboard for people who love dancing.

Some specs

What we love most about Volador longboards is that they are very customizable. You can adjust the degree of the trucks to your liking. It goes from 40 to 50 degrees.

If you’re a bit tall, you can set the trucks slightly lower. That way, you’ll get more stability when you race downhills.

If you’re short and want a bit more clearance from the ground, you can set the trucks to a higher degree. This will surely take your performance to new heights.

You’ll also love the original graphics on Volador boards. They are so unique and attractive. You’ll turn some heads when zipping around town on these.

Overall, Volador is a popular brand with a big loyal customer base. You should check them out!

Most Popular For Longboard And Skateboard Riders – Minority

Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand
Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand


Minority only produces two models of the skateboard. The Minority maple skateboard for skateboarders and the Minority downhill maple longboard for longboarders.

Price & Specs

Believe it or not, both of these two great models are priced under $50.

Their skateboard, first of all, looks awesome. We love the cartoon graphics on the board. You’ll find other cool stuff like pine skull, snake, or scenic painting.

Minority skateboard has ABEC 9 bearings. These are the top of the list. You’ll ride very fast.

The trucks are pretty solid with aluminum materials and chrome steel axle. They are also rust-free.

If you weigh around 220 lbs, you can easily ride this board. It’s highly supportive. This is a complete skateboard, so assembling is not required.

Minority longboard

If you take a look at Minority longboard, you’ll quickly fall in love just like hundreds of other customers. The Leo version looks mystical and the Love version looks sweet.

They have this cut-out deck so you won’t get any wheel bites when you race downhills.

Minority longboards are made with 8-ply maple which can support folks up to 220 lbs easily.

Many riders are satisfied with the purchase and their customer service. It’s worth checking them out!

Other Popular Skateboard Brands

The Quest longboards
The Quest longboards

There are some other popular skateboard brands that you should know.


Quest makes awesome skateboards and longboards. You’ll find many people ride these to the beach or around town. Their boards are priced reasonably.


Element is a great option, especially for girl skaters. You can find your very own line of products here. They also carry some cool skateboard clothing.


Retrospec has one of the best-selling longboards. They make solid and high-quality products. Thousands of riders love and trust this brand as well.


Merkapa is a good choice if you’re looking for a kid skateboard. This is a reliable brand. Plus, their prices are super affordable.

Quick Video Reviews

What is a cruiser board
What is a cruiser board

You can check out the Rimable 22” complete skateboard review right here:

Here’s another one for the Minority skateboard:

Volador freeride longboard:

It’s Your Turn To Choose!

Which one is your favorite brand? Is it the Rimable, Volador, Quest, or something else? Before choosing a brand, however, don’t forget to see others’ reviews and their prices. You can totally find an awesome board at a cheap price. You just have to do some research.

To recap, if you’re looking for a nice cruiser or a skateboard for your kids, definitely check out Rimable or Merkapa. Those are good options under $30. You can choose Volador if you’re looking for a quality longboard at around $50. Finally, Minority is great for skateboarders and longboarders.

Hope you’ll find the best brand for you. Until next time, bye bye!