What skateboard is best for beginners?

What skateboard is best for beginners?

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Ask Yourself These Questions First

What is a longboard
What is a longboard

Before finding the best skateboard for you, it’s a good idea to think through these aspects first. Trust us, it helps tremendously in getting you closer to your best skateboard buddy. It will also save you many headaches if you happen to get the ones you don’t like down the road.

The questions are:

  • Who uses this skateboard?
  • This skateboard is for doing tricks, transportation, cruising or something else?
  • How much money do you have for this?
  • Have you asked some of your friends or families for several recommendations?
  • Have you checked some reviews and YouTube videos?
  • Do the brands have good customer service or policies to protect you from gimmick?

Well, those are basically it! These questions are very common. They should get you started on the right track to finding the best one that fits your style, needs, and budget.

Take a few minutes to quickly think about it. Now, let’s get to our first recommendation!

Penny Boards

 Penny Board skateboards good for beginners
Penny Board skateboards good for beginners

We don’t know about you, but the amazing skateboard prodigy Isamu Yamamoto started skateboarding when he was not even a teenager. He took the whole world by storm with his freestyle moves. And you know, every genius begins as a beginner. For such purposes, penny boards are your best pals.

Penny boards are basically plastic skateboards. These are very beginner-friendly, especially for young riders. The best thing about penny boards is that they are super duper lightweight. Among other kinds of boards, penny boards are definitely the shortest and most compact.

In fact, as adults, you can use penny boards for cruising as well. They are so compact that you can put them in your backpacks or right under your bus seat. Plus, penny boards are cheap. They cost from $20 to $50. Now, don’t judge the board by the price only. With such cheap price, penny boards still perform extremely well.

Now, for those who want to learn tricks with their skateboards, we’d say penny boards may be a “Nah” for you. They are not the ideal choice, although you can try. These are definitely not for downhill racing.

If you feel like a penny board is for you, check out Playshion, Retrospec Quip, Penny Australia, or Rimable Galaxy. Those are great penny boards at decent price points.


Santa Cruz’s longboards
Santa Cruz’s longboards

Longboards are incredibly great for those thrilling downhill racing. Yes, we love it, too! For beginners, we’d totally recommend getting the cruiser longboard. These longboards are surf-inspired. Yeah, they look a lot like your regular surfboard. Riding on these are definitely surfy and super enjoyable.

If you’re really into downhill racing, get those bullet shape longboards. They have super thick and stiff decks. The learning curve for these can be quite steep. In general, longboards are more expensive than penny boards. They cost around $50 to over $200.

Here’s another one for you dancers out there. If you like those “moves like Jagger” moves, definitely check out the long longboard. That’s basically the longest we have on the market. You can do boardwalk, or even moonwalk on these boards.

If you’re a beginner with a small budget, definitely check out Retrospec Zed Bamboo. It’s so affordable and well-made. If you’re more generous, see Sector 9 Sand Shark and Landyachtz tugboat. Those are great boards. We definitely recommend those!

WalMart boards!

Man, they are so cheap! $20, $30 bucks or so! Seriously, stay away from these crappy junks. These are the equivalents of 99-cent chicken soup in a can.

We think it’s important to share with you here so you don’t get yourself gimmicky products. WalMart boards are not good for doing tricks, from our experience. And definitely, not flip tricks. Our advice is to save yourself the money for a better investment. You can try if you’re curious.

Electric skateboards

For busy folks who want a stylish and great-looking means of transportation, electric skateboards are to way to go! They are fast and fun!

Their speed range goes from 13 to over 22 MPH. What can you expect from an electric skateboard? We know for sure you can’t expect to do ollie tricks on these.

These bad boys are really heavy, like really heavy! Your regular skateboard weighs around 8 or 9 lbs, whereas an electric skateboard is over 20 lbs. So, it’s darn hard to get these fat butts off the grounds. Try if you want.

Electric skateboards are also much more expensive. They will cost you around $200 to over $400. But, they are super fun. If you’re interested, check out Teamgee, VOKUL, or SwagTron boards. Those are good ones!

Regular skateboards

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard
Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Finally, we have the ones most of you have been waiting for: the regular skateboards. These are the bullet shape boards with kicktails that you can play with and practice your tricks on.

Our favorites are Retrospec Zed Bamboo (we know, we know, we mentioned this already), RIMABLE complete skateboard, KPC Pro, Volador, PlayWheels, Arbor, etc. These are skateboards from reputable brands that many riders love and trust.

They also have great graphics like Spider-Man, Star Wars, or even light-up wheels. The price for these boards is from $20 to $50 or more, which is incredibly affordable. For rookies, they are your best bets. You can try them out to see if skateboarding is the right sport for you.

Some last tips

You don’t need grip tape for penny boards. However, you need the tape for other types of boards. A grip tape sheet is usually around 9” wide and 33” long. They are usually very cheap, around $8 for a giant roll that you can use for many applications.

The thing to remember when applying grip tape is to make sure there are no air bubbles on the surface. It will greatly improve the performance of the board.

After some time, if you feel like your board is not rolling as fast as the first day you got it. Don’t worry!

It may just be because the bearings have worn out. Don’t throw away your board. You can just get a new pack of bearings for around $10 or $20 bucks. Your board will now feel brand spanking new.


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the post and hopefully, have become a vastly more intelligent buyer. If you just want a nice, cheap board for cruising, choose penny boards.

However, if you want some extreme speedy racing, definitely check out longboards!

Electric skateboards are great for busy people who want a fashionable and cool transporter.

Regular skateboards like those from Retrospec, Arbor, RIMABLE are an excellent introduction to the sport. They are great for rookies to learn tricks as well.

Lastly, say “no” to WalMart boards. Thanks for reading!