Are pintail longboards good for beginners

Are pintail longboards good for beginners?

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A lot of questions that we receive from longboarding fans involve whether they should go for a pintail longboard as their beginner board. If you’re having the same problem with deciding your first board, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll be discussing the advantages of having a pintail longboard for beginners and why you should choose this over the other.

Are Pintail Longboards Good For Beginners?

Longboards Good For Beginners
Longboards Good For Beginners

There are reasons why the pintail is among the most popular longboards that are used for professional longboarders. Here you’ll find all of its amazing benefits that would make a great beginner’s board.

Easy to ride

First of all, you’ll find most of the pintail longboards out there extremely easy to ride compared to other types. This is mostly because of the relatively large sizes which allow users to feel much more secure and comfortable.

Suitable for different riding styles

Due to its unique traits, the pintail longboard makes a great all-around skateboard. With pointy nose which reduces wind resistance and a tapered tail to allow for more control, pintail longboards are suitable for multiple purposes.

You can use it for casual cruising, downhill racing, and even doing tricks just by making a few adjustments.

Long wheelbase for comfortable experiences

Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels
Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels

With longer deck compared to most other longboards, pintail longboards provide a long wheelbase, allowing for more comfortable riding experience.

Great for cruising and carving

Although it’s considered a versatile board, the pintail longboard is best for cruising and carving activities. The pointy nose allows for better aerodynamics, which greatly enhances the speed of the board. Combining with a set of large wheels, you can achieve good speeds in a relatively short amount of time.

The surfing-inspired design allows for great carving experiences. The buttery carvings would make you feel like you’re surfing on the road.

Choosing Pintail Longboards For Beginners

The Best Choosing Pintail Longboards For Beginners
The Best Choosing Pintail Longboards For Beginners

Since you’re going for pintail longboards, it’s suggested that you’re looking for something to cruising and carving. Having said that, here are the important aspects to look into when choosing pintail longboards for beginners:

Flexible deck

Since you’ll be doing a lot of casual cruising on your board, it’s important that it could provide you a good amount of flexibility to reduce the shocks coming from bumpy roads.

Bamboo decks seem like a good option since they offer great flex while still remaining relatively light. Hence you’ll be able to achieve better speed with your board.

However, if you’re more into downhill skating or any other forms of high-speed racing and still interested in the classic shape of the pintail, you will need to go for thicker boards. These boards will provide better stability, especially when you’re going at a high speed, which is crucial for downhill skating.

Large wheels

Having large wheels will give you a great boost in term of speed. However, larger wheels also mean that you’ll have to reduce the great stability on these boards. To deal with this, people usually use thick longboard wheels which would provide better stability while riding on the road.

Soft wheels

If cruising and carving are what you’re doing, then there is no need for hard wheels. As a matter of fact, you’ll even want your boards to have relatively soft wheels that could easily deal with rough surfaces and street skating.

Long and wide deck

What are the strongest longboards decks
What are the strongest longboards decks

The best thing about longboard with relatively large sizes is that they tend to feel extremely comfortable due to the large wheelbase. In additions, pintail longboards are also designed to reduced wheel bites, having a wider deck will not likely to cause you any trouble.


When it comes to bearings, you couldn’t go wrong with most of your choices, as long as you go for quality products from trusted brands.

There are two different options for you to choose, one is the regular metal bearings and one is the high-quality ceramic bearings. Although the do performs somewhat similar, if you want better bearings for cruising, you should go for the ceramic ones.

And the reason is that ceramic bearings perform better and smoother. They will also last longer if you do the maintenances correctly.

Another thing is the ABEC ratings, which are used to rate bearing precisions. If you’re traveling at a relatively low speed, like under 10 miles per hour or so, you won’t have to upgrade your bearings to the ones with higher ABEC ratings.

But if you’re using your pintail board for high-speed racing, it’s recommended that you get a set of high-quality bearings since they will provide better precisions. That being said, bearings with ABEC ratings of 5 or 7 would be a better choice.

Best Pintail Longboards For Beginners

The Best Pintail Longboards For Beginners
The Best Pintail Longboards For Beginners

Here we’ll introduce one of the best pintail longboards for beginners. You can either choose to buy it or use it as a reference for your next purchase.

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard

This classic surfing-inspired longboard measures at 39” x 9.4” x 6”, which is considered a perfect size for most skaters. The pintail designs provide great aerodynamic for those want to do comfortably cruising on their board.

In additions, you’ll have the large wheels of 65mm mounted on the board, giving it better speed than most other longboards. The classic pintail design also prevents any chances of having wheel bites, which is quite common if you have large wheels.

With soft wheels, the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard is suitable for urban cruising and on other rough surfaces. You won’t likely to feel any discomfort while riding on the board.

Moreover, the ABEC 5 bearings are also great if you decide that you want to travel a little bit faster.

With great stability, high-performance bearings, comfortable deck, and suitable wheels, the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard is, without a doubt, a great longboard for beginners.


  • Good speed
  • Good stability
  • Comfortable
  • Classic design


  • None

And that’s our opinions on whether pintail longboards are good for beginners. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.